What is Vidyamandir Classes all about?

Vidyamandir classes, guides and prepares students for IIT. We at Vidyamandir Classes work with the students, carefully understanding their ability and subject knowledge, and teach to bring them to the required level where they can outshine their peers and realise their dream. Vidyamandir Classes offers a complete range of courses to students based on their requirements.

Which Class do you start preparing the students from?

An early start is indispensable”. Ideally, one should start the preparation for JEE Advance , Main and other exams while in Class IXth but in case one could not, it is advisable to start preparing from Class X. In Nutshell, clearing JEE Advanced, Main and other Engineering entrance exams requires to thoroughly understand the core concepts and practice rigorously. Early start would also open opportunities for additional learning and exam avenues like NTSE, OLYMPAIDS, KVPY and other prestigious examinations.

Starting early, you would be able to spread the entire course over a longer duration, thereby having more time for detailed and deeper understanding of the concepts. All this would help in effective and efficient utilization of time.

How is VMC different from other coaching centers?

Vidyamandir has designed, delivered, innovated and perfected the art of teaching and guiding students and helping them realize their dream career.

VMC recognized the need for organized and comprehensive study material hence providing comprehensive set of study materials to all its students, which is scientifically prepared to ensure comprehension of the most difficult topics. It involves well designed layouts, innovative explanations, examples and other research –proven techniques of study material presentation.

Detailed Theory Portion
This part explains the core concepts in a very simple and easy manner with the help of illustrations and helps in building a strong foundation for the students.

Objective worksheets consolidates all the important concepts of the chapter through selective questions, which are categorized on complexity and application.

Besides notes on chemistry, physics and maths for class XI & XII, JEE Mains & JEE Advanced, exhaustive notes on Economics, English and computer Science are provided to students to help them in their XII boards examination.

Intended to provide a comprehensive revision just before the final exam VMC includes Revision package for JEE Mains & JEE Advanced, Home practice tests & Test series for JEE Mains &Advanced, All India Mock Test & Videos of discussion of tests conducted.

VMC e-Learning System
VMC’s e-learning is a state of art platform, which empowers learning over the web and Android apps. IT allows delivery of content through E-books, videos, exercise and tests, and allow students to learn on the go. The e-learning system helps the students in knowing the topics where they are weak and need to concentrate their learning. It also helps students revise on their own, anytime, anywhere using the huge bank of questions VMC has developed.

The e-learning system has an integrated Testing and Analytics engine, which is one of the most powerful assessment engines in the country. This engine takes students through multiple tests, to ensure that all students can face the various combinations possible in the pattern of the examination, and develop their own Test taking approach to excel in the final examination.

When did VMC start in Kolkata?

Vidyamandir Classes, Kolkata started in 2015.

Besides RCC what course do you offer?

Besides RCC VMC offers Foundation course for Classes IX and X, designed to enable students to learn and understand the core concept of mathematics and science to be on a stronger footing when in class 11 for boards and IITJEE examination. Preparing the students psychologically for the vast competition yet to be faced. There is a significant rise in the complexity and quantity of the course curriculum of determined, passionate and hardworking student has a lot of time to spare in class IX and X, which if preparations for Engineering Entrance Exams are ON, is put to correct use. Starting Preparations early helps you develop the right pace and temperament, which is extremely necessary for success. An early START is an early END. One finishes course for the Engineering entrance exams early and this leaves with plenty of time to go through the various patterns and combination. Knowing the concepts and fundamentals is one thing, but then putting them to use while solving questions, which typically will be very complex in exams like JEE Advanced is an art which has to be mastered. Early start gives us that precious time to master this force.

Do you prepare for boards or only IIT JEE ?

Cracking IITJEE, one needs to have the basic concepts . For classes IX and X, VMC prepares for boards along with extra inputs.

What is the strength of class?

VMC has a small batch of 40 students providing individual attentions to students, in state of the art classrooms to ensure conducive learning environment for our students.

Qualification of VMC faculties?

VMC follows a strong, systematic, objective selections and training process before becoming a VMC faculty. Classes are conducted by a team of highly experienced faculty (mostly IITians).

How many students have enrolled till now?

VMC believes in QUALITY and not QUANTITY . Thereby holding classes in small groups providing personal attention to students, in state of the art classrooms to ensure conducive learning environment for our students.

Do you provide notes and other study materials?

VMC provides a comprehensive set of study material to all its students,which is scientifically prepared to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. It includes well designed layouts, innovative explanations, simple examples and other research-proven techniques of study material presentation. Each key concept is explained using carefully chosen questions with stepwise solution, which explains the core application of the concept.

Modules form the primary part of the VMC study material and each module is divided into chapters. Each chapter is then further divided into three sections .i.e. DETAILED THEORY PORTION, SOLVED EXAMPLES & IN-CHAPTER EXERCISES, OBJECTIVE WORKSHEETS, SCHOOL/BOARDS NOTES, OTHER ENGG.ENTRANCE EXAMS MATERIAL,FINAL STEP.The study Material, Test series, Feedback and other facilities are offered to VMC students. Students appears for the class Tests and Test Series and get their performance analysis as well as relative ranking across all students enrolled in Vidyamandir for IIT-JEE Courses.

Will a student be given an extra class if he/she ?

VMC gives extra classes to its students as and when needed.


Preparatory Tests for JEE Advanced aspirants along with special problem solving session

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